3 New NFT Projects To Get Whitelist For

Here are three new upcoming NFT projects to get whitelisted for. These picks were made based on the success of the project’s previous projects and its team members. NFTs are still unheard of and high risk in the sense that most that are created will fail. It takes a certain passion, knowledge, and of course, hardcore data to predict the potential future gains and popularity of any given NFT project on the market.

Our favorite NFT Tick-Tocker, Max Jones aka Max A Milli is back this week with the biggest upcoming NFT projects to get whitelisted for. He’s been on the money with other huge NFT projects, predicting that they would be big before the prices soared, including projects like Invisible Friends, MoonBirds, and Azuki, Watch this two-minute video on the top 3 best upcoming NFT projects that you want to get whitelisted for before their public sale and the prices soar.


The top 3 NFT projects are listed below and mentioned in the video. Follow their Twitter accounts and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any whitelist giveaways or opportunities. These NFT projects use Twitter as their primary source of communication and their whitelist opportunities.

  1. Lonely Pop
  2. MindBlown Universe
  3. Rebels