About Us

At NewRockStars, we ignite the flames of passion for music, combat sports, and cannabis through unforgettable live music experiences and events. Our secret sauce? Merging digital marketing prowess with a knack for producing live events. We rally your biggest fans. We ignite passionate communities. We elevate your team and together we can amplify your brand and do extraordinary things. Welcome to the NewRockStars revolution.

What We Do

We're not your typical digital media company. NewRockStars is powered by the electrifying allure of live music experiences and interactive events, specifically designed for the combat sports, cannabis, and entertainment domains. Our forte lies in forging connections between lifestyle brands and these fervent, passion-centric communities. We're also the stage where emerging artists shine, offering paid opportunities to tour, showcase their music, and build thoughtfully curated brand partnerships that ensure compatibility and success.

Why Work With NewRockStars?

High-Value People

High-value team members are the backbone of our success. They're talented, dedicated people who bring their skills, toughness, integrity, and passion to everything they do to ensure we rock the world of everything we touch.

Experienced Team

NewRockStars is a highly trained team with more than three decades of combined experience  - from digital and email marketing, to live event and concert production.

Passion-Centric Services

When you choose NewRockStars, you can be sure you're working with a team that shares your passion for your brand.

Meet The Founder

"I am passionate about uniting the worlds of combat sports, music, wellness, fitness and cannabis to forge a community of discipline, empowerment, healthy-living and healing. Combat sports and fitness instill discipline, respect and sacrifice, music empowers and motivates, wellness brings healing and cannabis elevates. Together, we can cultivate passionate communities, dedicated to fostering growth, resilience, and the shared pursuit of an elevated existence in the spirit of service to others."
-Lisa Rodriguez, Founder/NewRockStars

Dedicated To Doing Good

At our core, we believe in serving others and in a purpose much bigger than ourselves .NewRockStars is our way of fueling that belief. Whether it's supporting homeless vets, lending a paw to pets, feeding the poor, rescuing children or helping those in need, this work goes beyond the services we offer. Consider NewRockStars not just as a business but as the engine powering our real mission – serving others and making a meaningful impact in the lives of all of God's creations-especially the most vulnerable.