Elevating, Amplifying & Igniting

About Us

At NewRockStars, we ignite the flames of passion for music, combat sports, cannabis, wellness, and the outdoors through unforgettable live music experiences and events. Our secret sauce? Merging digital marketing prowess with a knack for producing live events that thrive in high-risk industries. We're here to help lifestyle brands amplify their presence, engage fervent communities, generate leads, and foster brand loyalty while slashing current email marketing and lead generation costs. The story doesn't end there. We're also the stage where emerging artists shine, offering paid opportunities to tour, showcase their music, and build thoughtfully curated brand partnerships that ensure compatibility and success. Welcome to the NewRockStars revolution.

What We Do

We're not your typical digital media company. NewRockStars is powered by the electrifying allure of live music experiences and interactive events, specifically designed for high risk industries in the combat sports, cannabis, wellness, entertainment, and outdoor enthusiasts' domains. Our forte lies in forging connections between lifestyle brands and these fervent, passion-centric communities. We're also trailblazers in lead generation, email/SMS marketing, all skillfully customized for the unique challenges of high-risk industries. Our track record speaks volumes. We have consistently produced highly successful events in the highest-risk industries where most others fall short, providing top-tier leads that have translated into devoted buyers and brand loyalty. Plus, we supercharge engagement, all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional digital marketing approaches.

Why Work With NewRockStars?

High-Value People

High-value team members are the backbone of our success. They're talented, dedicated people who bring their skills, toughness, integrity, and passion to everything they do to ensure we rock the world of everything we touch.

Experienced Team

NewRockStars is a highly trained team - from digital and email marketing, to live event production.

Passion-Centric Services

When you choose NewRockStars, you can be sure you're working with a team that shares your passion for your brand.



Average open rate for our email campaigns across all lifestyle brands and artist niches. We have loyal readers who know that we provide value and aren’t just stuffing their inboxes with promotions.


Email List

Our opt-in email list of 800k+ independent artists, music, movie, martial arts, wellness, outdoor and cannabis enthusiasts continues to grow organically every month.

25% CTR

Click Through Rate

Our email campaigns consistently generate a 25% click-through rate or higher. We can help your lifestyle brand increase its brand awareness, leads, and engagement for up to 30% less than your current lead acquisition costs.