If there’s ever been a re-match that needs to happen, it’s the infamous Adesanya VS Romero where the two fought for the UFC Middleweight Championship Belt. For Adesanya, he swore this fight would be a legacy fight for him and through it, he would become the  first fighter to ever knock out Romero and finally his boogeyman of the UFC image as “the-fighter-that-no-one wants-to-fight,” to rest.

If you watched the fight when it first happened last year, then you already know what happened. While Izzy may have retained his belt, it was a very uneventful fight for Adesanya, His wizardy combination of kicks, dancing and Kung-Fu animae that usually sends his opponents to the canvas, did nothing against Romero’s pure athleticism. Yoel ducked every spinning kick or punch and out-maneuvered Izzy at his own quick-draw game of “who can hit and move out of the way the fastest.?” This went on for all five rounds and many say, did nothing for Adesanya’s fighting legacy since he not only failed to knock out Romero, he didn’t even come remotely close to stumbling Romero, let alone separating him from consciousness.

Check out this funny MMA animation where Israel Adesanya fights Yoel Romero for the UFC Middle Weight Title and claimed he would leave a legacy by being the first one to knock Romero out and finally defeat the boogeyman of the UFC. We now know that’s not even close to what happened! 🙃

 Check out this funny clip about it from MMA Animator, Mojahed Fudailat