October 30, 20221 Minutes

These Fighters Had The Best Walkout Songs for UFC Fight Night 213 (UFC Vegas 63)

UFC Fight 213 was a battle of the men’s featherweights with two of the division’s best strikers going against each other in a battle for dominance in the rankings. The prelims card racked up 5 knockouts and submissions, with most of them coming in the first round. If you haven’t seen this card yet, go watch it because these knockouts were bananas! Here is the music that inspired the wild knockout and are our staff’s picks for the best walkout songs for UFC Fight Night 213

1. Steve Garcia, "Armies" by KB

2. Junyong Park: “Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti

3. Marcos Rogerio de Lima: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor

4. Dustin Jacoby: “Runnin Down A Dream” by Tom Petty

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