Black Eyed Peas Ring The Alarm

The New Black Eyed Peas Single Denounces The Internet, Calls For A Revolution

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The mythical band is back with “Ring the Alarm pt.1, pt.2, pt.3”, a piece committed to a powerful political  and socially conscious message that questions the power of the internet and the politics of social justice.

We’ve missed them but The Black Eyed Peas are making their comeback in 2018 after having already released a single at the beginning of the year “Street Livin“, the group’s first single in nearly seven years that dropped at the top of 2018, is a poignant piece denouncing the police brutality against blacks in the United States. They’ve followed up with a conscious call to wake up the complacent in “Ring the Alarm pt.1, pt.2, pt.3”.

After a radio silence that had lasted since 2010,, Taboo and make a bold comeback and more determined than ever with this second single which denounces the ills of society and a socio-political system that neglects and targets the inner city youth and the economically disadvantaged. The hard-hitting progressive video is broken down into three parts, with, Apl.De.Ap, and Taboo each taking on an extended verse throughout the militant-themed six-minute track. 

The video opens with explicitly describing the internet as ‘the brand new conqueror.”  He opens the song with some bold statements directed at those in power in America. “Whoever controls the data got the answers/They the ones that got the code to the launcher/And they be having dinner with the Pope and the mobsters/They know the cure for cancer/Cure for the AIDS and they probably killed the Panthers,” he boldly rhymes. 

In a recent interview, explained the motivation for the track saying, “It was after all the police shootings and Ferguson and then, you know… figuring out the rhyme and reason to why that happened, so every time there’s a police shooting, it just so happens to be around an area where the funding of education is low. You didn’t see a police shooting of an unarmed black man in Brentwood.” 

The Black Eyed Peas are on a mission to create positive change in communities across America and have re-launched their website to incentivize fans with rewards such as VIP tickets, meet and greet passes and exclusive content for users who perform social actions online and in their communities. Visit their website to get involved at: