Unless You’re A Hater, Listen To “I Like You”, The New Song From Bloods Feat. Laura Jane Grace

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Australian power-pop punk-rockers Bloods, have dropped a new single featuring Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace, called “I Like You.”  and it is one of the best feel-good rock tracks we have heard all year so far.

Lyrically the song is about “the giddy excitement you feel when you spark a new connection and you feel seen by another person who ‘gets you’,”, explained MC from Blood.

The single is from their forthcoming album Together, Baby!, due out in September. They’ve already started dropping singles to help promote the album’s social mission tied to its release. Proceeds from the album will go to Australia’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Speaking of their collaboration with Laura Jane Grace, MC from Blood had this to say about working with her:

I originally started writing “I Like You” as an acoustic song and when I went to demo it, I was going through the midi drum samples and clicked on a shuffled, break-beat pattern and it immediately made the song feel fun and optimistic. It took on a whole new life and tone. I knew I wanted it to be a duet and our friend and label owner Cayle decided to be bold and dream big and asked Laura Jane Grace if she’d be interested in being involved. Laura is an ICON, so it goes without saying we lost our minds when she got back to us and said she liked the song and wanted to sing on it. Laura’s voice is so immediate and perfect, it has taken the song to a whole new level. It’s a total honor and dream to have Laura involved.”

You can’t but help to feel good when you listen to this song. It’s enthusiastically catchy and optimistic with its power-pop-punk three-chord verses and a steady hand-clapping backbeat that drives the song forward with simple brevity. In the music video, Grace’s smile lights up from ear to ear, as she sings the chorus, leaving us with no choice but to genuinely feel happy by the thought that she’s no longer “sleeping alone” as the lyrics suggest. The child-like and giddy smile on her face reminds us of how fun and innocent it is to be”in-like” with someone during the early stages of getting to know your new crush, Unless you’re a hater, listen to “I Like You” below and get you some of this ear-candy.