Bobby Green Is Living Proof You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

Bobby “King” Green is a UFC veteran who made his debut in 2013. He is not a new rising star, but he has won a few recent fights and his interviews have been inspiring. For this reason, he is now in the main event at UFC Vegas 49: Green vs Makhachev. This fight was given to him on short notice, just two weeks after he competed and won at UFC 271 on the main card. There, 15,000+ fans were chanting his name as he made his entrance to the cage-a a telltale sign that Bobby has been resonating with even the most casual fight fans.

Bobby comes from a difficult background. He has faced poverty, trauma, parental abandonment, homelessness, and extreme loss. Despite all of these challenges, Bobby has turned his life around. You can see this in his story which has gone from being an innocent victim to becoming an overcomer and now, one of the most dangerous fighters in his division.

Check out this clip below to get a glimpse into why so many fights fans are rooting for Bobby and tune in to ESPN+ tonight to see this unranked underdog headline his first main card to take on the #4 ranked Islam Makachev in perhaps the biggest fight of his career so far.