Byrce Fox XXXTentacion SAD!

Bryce Fox’s Heartbreaking Cover of SAD! by XXXTentacion Will Make You Feel Oddly Great

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Rising singer-songwriter, Bryce Fox released a new cover of XXXTentacion’s ‘SAD!’ with his brand of electro-pop and it’s got us in our feelings.

It’s always interesting to hear another artist reinterpret other artists’ work. Here Bryce Fox shares his own take on “Sad!” by XXXTentacion-the viral track that skyrocketed the late rapper’s career to internet fame. With a soothing acoustic intro, the song builds to desperate intent. Fox’s vocals are hauntingly powerful, but also bright and undeniably calming giving the song a new lullaby effect that makes you want to sing along cheerfully, even though it’s a song about a lover who’s threatening suicide if you leave them. It makes little sense that Bryce could elicit real and genuine feelings of happiness from a song born from such dark lyrical content as suicide, It’s not exactly mood-elevating material he’s working with but Bryce’s cover of what is essentially a suicide threat will make you feel oddly fantastic. His vocals bring you back to that childlike, vulnerable state of being before you judged yourself and others-where you legitimately just wanted everyone to play fair and be happy. Bryce makes us root in new ways for the underdog XXX is in this appropriately titled cover of ‘SAD!’.  

Listen below for yourself


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