Check Out Buffalo Nichols New Soulful Blues And Upbeat Folk Double Singles, “Meet Me In The Bottom” / “Friends”.

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Buffalo Nichols is back with a new double single, “Meet Me in The Bottom/Friends.” Produced by Kyp Malone, the two songs showcase his incredible range as an artist. With full-band instrumentation, these tracks are sure to get your feet moving. Whether you’re in the mood for some soulful blues or upbeat folk, there’s something for everyone on this release.

“Friends” and “Meet Me In The Bottom” are two very different songs. “Friends” is a plea for understanding from a highly anxious and isolated person, while “Meet Me In Bottom” is a rollicking, riotous song that howls to a close. “Bottom” is a reworking of a traditional song that Nichols describes as “a classic blues song, reimagined as an action movie.” Both songs are available now via Fat Possum.

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Check out “Meet Me In The Bottom/Friends” by Buffalo Nichols: