Conor McGregor Back Throwing Heavy Kicks On Previously Broken Leg

Looks like Conor Mcgregor has moved past an important milestone in his recovery from a nasty broken shin bone that he suffered in his last fight against Dustin Poirier last year. He’s back to hitting the heavy bag on his previously broken leg. He posted training footage the other day showing him throwing hard kicks at a heavy bag with his new titanium leg.  Having reached this important milestone in his recovery journey, it’s now only a matter of months before the Irish Champ Champ returns to the Octagon.

He looks massive and this will be the biggest and seemingly strongest version of Conor yet. He’s most likely going to return to fight at 170lbs and is considering returning to an immediate title match against the undefeated welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. Many in the MMA community feel that Conor should return to a tune-up fight instead of taking on an immediate title fight, especially against the current pound-for-pound #1 ranked fighter that is Usman,

Check out these kicks Conor’s throwing on the heavy bag. He says the leg feels strong but still, should he return to a tune-up fight or a title fight? Pretty much whatever Conor wants is what he’ll get because the UFC’s rankings have never taken precedence over the ability to sell PPV and Conor is still their biggest draw ever in the company’s history. Do you think the biggest name in the history of MMA looks ready in this training video and deserves an immediate title shot?