Conor McGregor: The Wait Is Over 2022

Looks like Conor Mcgregor will be getting an immediate title shot when he returns to the UFC after his long-awaited recovery from a nasty broken shin bone that he suffered against his last fight against Dustin Poirier last year. He looks massive and this will be the biggest and seemingly strongest version of Conor yet. Coach Kavanaugh, his head coach recently stated that Conor will never return to the feather or lightweight divisions; that is simply not healthy for him at this point. We have to agree, considering he looks to be the size of a light heavyweight as of today. Considering that the UFC’s rankings have never taken precedence over entertainment and the ability to put bodies in the seats-that combined with the fact that he still remains their biggest PPV draw ever, do you think the biggest name in the history of MMA deserves an immediate title shot? Either way, his return is imminent and the wait for his return is almost over. Coach Kavanaugh expects to see him back in the Octagon this summer. Can’t wait!