Dana White Granted My “Wish” And Invited Me To UFC Long Island After He Saw My Post On r/MMA. It Was The Best Day Of My Life..

UFC President, Dana White has recently trending on Twitter for his response to “everyone on the internet” who attacked him for gifting Full Send YouTuber and prankster, Kyle Forgeard a box of cash filled with 250k in celebration of the Youtuber’s birthday. Fight fans, the media, and even former fighters criticized Dana for gifting YouTubers who don’t fight for him, more than what his flyweight champion, Deiveson Figueiredo was paid in his last title fight. Of course, Dana in his typical brazenly outspoken style responded to his critics with “everyone on the internet can “go f$ck themselves. I can spend my money however I want to.”

A few hours after trending on Twitter, Dana White was trending again but on Reddit, and for all the right reasons. If the internet is going to cause Dana to trend for being condemned for spending his own personal money on gifting YouTubers wads of cash, then it should also cause him to trend for giving a dying man the best day of his life.  

A post has started trending about how Dana White and the UFC staff went out of their way to reach out to a UFC fan they heard about on the popular Reddit community r/MMA who is dying from terminal cancer, with just a few months to live and invite him out to UFC Long Island to sit with Dana ringside. You can call Dana all the names you want and accuse him of not paying fighters fairly but you can not deny this man’s genuine kindness and generosity towards others who are going through a difficult situation.

The Redditor (terminal cancer patient) posted about his recent experience at UFC Long Island compliments of Dana White’s personal invite and hospitality. I think it’s fair to say that the thread is definitely worth the read seeing that it gave a dying man the best day of his life. He said the entire UFC staff, production team, and even broadcast team went out of their way to roll out the red carpet for him. So, the next time the “scumbag MMA media” as White refers to them publishes a story about Dana that is scathing in nature or speaks to his unfairness or greediness in relation to fighter’s pay, remember this story too. And then ask yourself if you have given a dying person the best day of their life first. If not you might want to get on that, Also, perhaps remember these two things:

#1. Dana White doesn’t own the UFC anymore. Endeavor makes all of the financial decisions. White carries them out.

#2. We all have flaws but not everyone is generous or puts this kind of energy into random MMA fans on Reddit like Dana and the UFC did.

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