Animated Re-Cap of UFC 271: Dana and Adesanya’s After Party Shocks Robert

If you saw UFC 271, then you already know that Adesanya defended his middleweight belt for the 5th time in his recent title bout against Robert Whittaker at UFC 271 for the second time. What you might not know about is some of the talk that was going on amongst the MMA community about Adesanya getting a French manicure on both hands right before his fight.. I gotta admit, it was a little jarring to see a man rocking a French manicure, none the less one who was about to go into brutal battle  to defend his title in the most violent sport. Fans reactions were mixed about whether Israel went to far with feminizing his look with a French manicure right before a title fight. Was it just flash or suspect? Check out this funny animated re-cap of the backstory from MMA Animator, Mojahed Fudailat,

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