Dax’s New Song, “Depression,” Sheds Light On The Realities Of His Mental Health

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Dax is known for his honest and open lyrics, and his latest song “Depression” is no different.

Dax took to social media to confess something very personal to his fans and followers. He admitted that he struggles with depression and that it’s easier to put on a fake smile and act like everything is okay, rather than having to explain what you’re really feeling.

This resonated deeply with a lot of people, as depression is something that so many struggle with in silence. Dax has always been very open and honest with his fans, sharing his own struggles in hopes of helping others feel less alone. 

His unique hybrid brand of hip-hop connects with his audience on a deep level, driving conversations on topics that are rarely if ever addressed amongst mainstream hip-hop artists, like spiritual warfare.

His singles “Depression” and “Dear Alcohol” are examples of this, are certified GOLD by the RIAA, and have amassed over 100 million streams collectively. He’s established himself as one of the biggest independent hip-hop artists on the scene right now, with many of his music videos going viral.

His breakout single “Dear Alcohol” which also documented his struggle with depression, has 100 million streams to date and landed him on numerous Billboard charts, including Viral 50 (US + Global), Hot Country Songs, and Emerging Artists. His music occupies a space between hip-hop, pop, and even new country, appealing to fans across multiple genres.

 Check out Dax’s new song, “Depression” and give it a thumbs up if it moves you as it did us.