Dax Drops A Hilarious Remix of Handsomer By Russ

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Have you guys seen Dax’s duet remixes yet? This time, he chose to remix Russ’s new single, “Handsomer” and he absolutely killed it. In fact, we personally believe he made the song even better by adding his verse and humor to the track. If you haven’t seen Dax remix other rappers’ tracks yet with his own verses, you are truly missing out. Dax is one of the most successful and talented independent hip-hop artists on the scene. His stock continues to increase despite being accused of being corny by his critics because he does not rap about the usual garbage most mainstream hip hop artists tend to. His lyrics are intelligent and reflect a highly self-aware young artist, not to mention his use of humor. Humor is considered a sign of intelligence and Dax brings it on this track along with wit, speed, and complete fire. Check it out below and let us know if you’re rocking with it.