Dear Alcohol-[Dax]

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On his latest release, 27-year-old Nigerian-Canadian rapper Dax reflects on his toxic relationship with alcohol, admitting to the times in his life when he “got wasted” because he didn’t want to be alone with himself.  Dax is no stranger to NewRockStars and our readers and as long as he keeps putting out passionate, authentic, and sincere music, we will continue to share his videos and be fans.

‘Dear Alcohol’ is a slower tempo track with much less vitriol with a heightened amount of vulnerability that shines a spotlight on a much more reflective emotional nature than many of Dax’s hard-hitting singles do, but that is not to say this song does land with its own force. We all need to stop and take time to reflect on where we are emotionally at times, and this track is about that and the realization we often use alcohol or other things to hide from what’s really plaguing our minds.

The lyrics are heartfelt and pour out vulnerability from the mind of someone who displays self-awareness about their struggles with alcohol addiction.

“Repeat the cycle every day I gotta start with a drink/My life been getting sorta crazy and I don’t wanna think/I look myself right in the mirror and I don’t even blink/Then I get angry take the rest and pour it right in the sink”

“Let’s make an impact…” Dax wrote on YouTube while promoting “Dear Alcohol”. “This one is very personal to me. Share this with everyone and anyone… You never know who is suffering in silence. Love you all.”

In the comment section of the video for this song, people have been sharing touching stories of their struggles with sobriety. “I’m 7 days sober today. It might not sound like much, but from someone that drank every day for the last 10 years, it’s huge. It’s a battle every day, but it’s a battle I’ll fight.”

“As a guy who went from being a depressed alcoholic to recently almost never drinking… this song was an amazing reminder from where I was to where I am now. To anyone who feels this song into depths unknown… you got this,” another listener added.

Dax is one of our personal favorites for not just his lyrical ability but his versatility. Dax raps, writes, and sings-and he does it well enough to garner millions of views for every video that he drops. His lyrics give us insights into his highly-likable personality, wit, and now, vulnerability. If you’re mad at Dax for this one or are one of those critics who like to call him “corny”, you need to check your motives and up your level of emotional intelligence.

We fully support Dax for sharing his heart so openly and humbly. You’re a good man, Dax.

Check out “Dear Alcohol” below