Diaz Vs Khamzat Massive Leak Confirmed

MMA YouTuber and commentator, Jesse on Fire, just released a video confirming the rumors about a leaked fight between Nate Diaz and Khamzet Chimneav that’s been scheduled during International Fight Week in Vegas on July 30th, 2022. Jesse is known to be pretty reputable in the MMA community so if he claims to have knowledge that the fight is confirmed, it’s worth checking out.

Diaz vs Khamzat could legitimately be one of the biggest fan-favorite fights in the history of UFC. Nate Diaz has one more fight on his contract and for months now, he’s been demanding his release from the UFC via Twitter for not being able to secure him a fight.. This could be one of the biggest fights of Nate’s career apart from his McGregor trilogy.

As fight fans, we’ve all been waiting to hear who Nate’s final UFC fight is going to be against. Apparently, that fight is going to be against Khamzat Chimeav. Check out Jesse’s video about it below.