Don’t Miss Out On Getting Whitelist For These Upcoming NFT Projects

There are hundreds of NFT projects released every week that will fail disastrously before you even hear about them. However, these upcoming NFT projects are not those. These are the type of NFT projects that you WANT to get whitelist for because doing so, greatly increases your chances of making a huge profit on flipping it.

Our favorite NFT influencer, Max Jones aka Max-a-mili is back with another round of NFT projects that you don’t want to miss out on by waiting until they are on sale to the general public. If you can get on the whitelist for these projects and snipe an NFT before its public sale, chances are high that you are going to yield a sizeable profit from flipping them. Max has been responsible for turning our community onto projects like Invisible Friends when they were just a few hundred dollars at their whitelist price before rising to 30k+. 

Check out the top upcoming NFT projects that you won’t want to miss out on getting whitelist for.