Electrify My Love-[Mondo Cozmo]

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Though I have yet to be formally diagnosed, I think that I am plagued with some sort of psychic intuition that alerts me whenever an underrated AAA (adult album alternative) artist drops a banger – and my womanly intuitions have yet to serve me wrong. Philadelphia-born critically acclaimed alternative troubadour and gutter punk poet, Mondo Cozmo returns this week with his newest single “Electrify My Love” – an uptempo and bombastic alternative rock anthem instilled with the perfect amount of soaring affirmational declarations and revved-up snarling rock. 

Perfect for fans of ReignWolf’s “Are You Satisfied” or Mo Lowda & The Humble’s “Pearls”, “Electrify My Love” centers on hope for the post-pandemic world, guided by a wall of sound that explodes with tube amps and fuzzy guitars. It starts slow and disarming with a long musical intro purposely intended to have a calming effect with its opening lyrics of comfort. ‘Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you well.’ and as the song reaches a vibrant apex, it’s joined by a gospel-esque choir of backing vocals, that leaves the world in a better place than it was found by the listener.

On the song, Josh Ostrander, of Mondo Cosmo says: “‘Electrify My Love’ was the last song to make the record but it was specifically written to be the first song on the album. We wanted the long musical intro to have a calming effect and the opening lyrics to be of comfort. “Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you well”. That is a sincere check-in on everyone after what we have all been through. I love how the chorus punches ya in the heart. I think it is the perfect opening track to the album and it’s gonna be absolute killer live.”

You’ll have a chance to witness that killer live experience of the song as Mondo Cozmo is currently on tour supporting The Airborne Toxic Event. You can check their website for a complete list of tour dates here. 

Electrify My Love is the third single to be released from Mondo Cozmo’s upcoming album, This Is For The Barbarians is due April 8th via Last Gang Records. 

Check out “Electrify My Love” below