Fake News V2-[Tyerhateslife]

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“Fake News V2” by tylerhateslife is the latest new single to drop from the new hybrid hip-hop artist.  This is a new version of the previously released single in 2020. If you haven’t heard of Tylerhateslife yet, he is a multi-genre hip-hop artist, new to the scene but who has managed to carve out his own lane with not just flow and lyrical abilities but coupled with the fact that he can actually sing and play guitar. You’d never know it but all the layers and well-produced harmonies that you hear in his music were all done in his free time while being an active-duty soldier and basically just using an iPhone and iPad.

Tylerhateslife’s music will strike a chord amongst music lovers who appreciate a bunch of different genres mashed up in their hip-hop. Listen if you like artists like Eminem, Dillon Chase, and Hulvey.

Let us know what you think of the song, Listen to “Fake News V2” by tylerhateslife