Highway 2-[Jon Wayne & The Pain ft. G. Love & Special Sauce]

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Jon Wayne and The Pain aren’t new to the scene or rising upcomers in the traditional sense. They’ve been releasing music since 2008, however, the band is just starting to make a name for themselves on the American reggae and jam band circuits as a result of their non-stop and unrelenting touring schedule. Their upbeat fusion of reggae, funk, classic rock, jam band, and electronica, could easily convince people they were from southern California instead of being the Midwest heroes from Minnesota that they are. 

On Highway 2, they’ve teamed up with hip-hop blues legend, G.Love & Special Sauce- a road dog veteran in his own right.. G. Love makes his presence known with his signature “sloppy”, and “laid back” Philly slang influenced rhymes over this traveling jam that their respective bands help to steer. As G. Love said during a recent live, “It’s a banger, baby! It’s a travelin’ jammer.”

Check out “Highway 2” ft. G.Love & Special Sauce below