Listen To This New Song From Konata Small If Your Goals Scare You

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Independent hip-hop artist, Konata Small has just dropped his latest single, “Impossible” and you should listen to it if you have goals that scare you. Here’s out on why this makes sense.

Konata Small is known for making motivational hip-hop with affirmational lyrics, fused with rock and electro, to level up your mindset. If you haven’t heard the saying, “If your dreams and goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” This falls right in line with the theme of Smalls’s new track that nothing is impossible with faith and vision.

If you haven’t heard of Konata Smalls yet, and you’re looking for high-energy anthemic hip-hop to level up your mindset with, Konata Smalls is your guy. His music has been licensed by some of the biggest sports and entertainment brands in the world, from Showtime, HBO, and CBS, to NFL, UFC, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.  In 2019, Konata partnered with Fortnite on the mega-hit “Ruckus.” which quickly became one of Epic Games’  biggest releases. In other words, if the biggest sports and entertainment brands are licensing his music as a tool to motivate and inspire their target audience, chances are it will inspire and motivate you too. Listen if you like The Seige, Oh The Larceny, or Andy Mineo.

Listen to “Impossible” below