Israel Adesanya Defends Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has been coming under heavy fire by the liberal media who support cancel culture for being called out by Indie Arie for using the “N” word repeatedly during his podcast. Although the context in which he used the word was taken way far out of context, Rogan has been quite sincere in his apology over the issue. The clips were taken out of context from his podcasts of more than a decade ago and many have rallied to his side to show support for Joe. This blast from the media comes directly on the heels of Neil Young and some other classic rock artist whose music I never listen to, had Spotify remove their entire catalogs from the platform over remarks that Rogan made on his podcast about COVID-19. Spotify refused to part ways with Joe, so Youn in response, had all of his music removed from the platform, citing “You can have Rogan or Young. But not both.” 

Joe Rogan Is Uncancelable

To say that Joe’s been taking heat would be an understatement. Many were calling for him to be canceled but we have quickly found out that Joe Rogan is uncancellable! Check out this video from the press conference at UFC 271 where a reporter tried to ask Dana about how he felt about the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan. Before Dana could reply, Israel Adesanya took to the mic to respond saying, “I’m black. I can answer this one!”

Joe Rogan is respected and adored by not only the MMA community but in comedy circles, in the scientific community. Rogan’s got friends everywhere and it brings a smile to our faces watching them step up for their boy. We fucking love you, Joe Rogan!