On The Rise: Listen to “Jaded” by Rising Prince-Like Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist, Neel Dani

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If you appreciate multi-instrumentalists who write, produce, and craft radio-ready radio pop songs that dabble in multiple genres like rock, funk, alt, and indie pop dance, then the Canadian-based irising independent artist, and multi-instrumentalist producer Neel Dani should be on your radar.

Think Prince meets Imagine Dragons meets DNCE. He just dropped his latest single, “Jaded” which brings more alt vibes than his previously released electro-pop banger. “Rinse & Repeat” released earlier this summer

His unique cover spins on “Beggin’ by Maneskin and “My Bloody Valentine” by MGK have further earned him the respect of alt and power punk pop fans along the way as well.

Dani plays practically every instrument on his tracks, much like Prince did one- of his musical idols, which places him in a category of producer-artists that are rare and supremely talented. But don’t take our word for it. Listen for yourself.

Check out “Jaded” by Neel Dani below and let us know if you think it slaps.

Listen to Neel Dani if you like: Imagine Dragons, Jawny, or Tame Impala