Jake Paul Defeats Anderson Silva

Check out this funny animation from MMA Animator, Mojahed Fudailat, about Jake Paul’s win over MMA legend, Anderson Silva. 

Dana White had previously been very vocal about accusing Jake Paul of being afraid to call out Anderson Silva in a boxing match. Fast forward almost a year later and that match finally went down, proving that Jake wasn’t as intimidated about boxing Anderson as White claimed.

Although Jake didn’t starch Anderson with a knockout and simply outpointed him, he did manage to get a knockdown and win the match by unanimous decision.

However, unlike Paul’s other matches that have involved the loser getting his name obtusely tattoed on their body, Paul’s respect for Anderson was evident when he insisted that if he won the fight against Anderson, they would team up together to create a fighters union that will fight against the UFC’s unfair fighter pay and contractor practices. Anderson agreed. Jake won and now it will be interesting to see what becomes of the bet since Jake has been making good on all of his predictions and promises so far.

Watch this hilarious animation about it from MMA animator, Mojahed Fudilat.

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