Jake Paul Reveals That Many Top UFC Fighters Support His Dispute With Dana White Over Fighter Pay But Can’t Go Public About It

The war of of words that Jake Paul has been firing at UFC President, Dana White have just reach a new level of attack. The YouTuber turned pro boxer has been engaged in a feud with the UFC for over a year now, regarding the legitimacy of his boxing skills and his criticism towards the UFC, especially where fighter pay and long-term health care is concerned.

Most recently, the undefeated boxer now now says that several top UFC fighters have reached out to him privately to show support, but can not do so in public out of fear of retribution.

Jake Paul is a problem child for the UFC

After releasing a “diss track” last month aimed at Dana White and the UFC’s business practices that Paul has condemned for being unfair to the athletes, he now says that several top UFC fighters have reached out to him privately to show support, but can’t do so in public.

“There a lot of fighters — a lot of big fighters in the UFC — who message me privately and say, ‘We love this, this is hilarious. Keep on going, but I can’t support this publicly,’” Paul said last week on The MMA Hour.

Jake Paul continued to explain that he doesn’t mind being the face of the movement. He’s speaking up so that fighters don’t have to worry about losing their jobs.

“Behind the scenes, it would be great for them to support it and talk about it and push for these movements, and obviously if there’s a fighters’ union created, everyone in the UFC should join it to create power and to create a better position for themselves and a better life for themselves. But I don’t need them to support a diss track or anything like that publicly, because they’re just going to f*ck themselves over, and I don’t want that. I want them to win and make more money.”

He goes on to say, “I don’t want them to sacrifice,” Paul said. “They have to put food on their family’s table. Like I said earlier, I happen to have a platform to be able to do this. So I accept the responsibility and I’m going to do it. I’ve made that decision. I’m going to war and I’m not backing down no matter what happens. I don’t need the fighters in the UFC to support this.”

Beyond releasing diss track and using his rapper aspirations to agitate Dana White, Paul also recently purchased millions worth of stock in the UFC’s parent company at Endeavor with the goal to try to effect changes from within. He also said he is committed to using his platform and dedicating his purpose to creating a much needed fighters’ union.

“I have a platform and I just feel like it is my responsibility to use the spotlight that I have on me to make change,” Jake Paul said. “That’s what people want nowadays; they want some real s*it, they don’t want fake sh*t. So why not?

Jake Paul vs the UFC: who will win?

Jake Paul’s dispute with Dana White has stirred up a lot of talk and controversy within in the MMA community. However, Dana White is a legend in the sports world, earning Sportsman of the Year awards for the UFC’s ability to produce events and experience massive growth while the rest of sports shut down during the first Covid-19 lockdowns. White is well-liked and respected among his peers and is beloved by many sports fans worldwide so could this Jake Paul feud actually have serious implications for the UFC as it tries to maintain its status as the preeminent MMA organization in the world? 

How do you think this feud will play out? Will any UFC fighter affiliated with Jake Paul be blacklisted by the UFC? Will Jake Paul disrupt combat sports by establishing the first-ever fighters union? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media.