Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Squash Beef After Brutal Knockout

Like him or not, the time has come to put some respect on Jake Paul’s name when it comes to taking him seriously as a professional boxer. He shocked the entire MMA community (and most of the combat sports world) on Saturday night after delivering a devastating blow to Tyron Woodley that knocked him out cold, and caused him to faceplant on the canvas, and that sent “Momma Woodley” into a frenzy as she tried to run into the ring to help him while screaming, “my baby, my baby!”.

Despite all of the trolling that Jake did while building up to the fight and the animosity that seemed to fuel their showdown in the ring, the two hugged it out at the end of the day and showed mutual respect for each other during their post-fight press conference on Dec.18th, 2021. It showed another side of the Youtuber-turned-professional boxer and I gotta say, respect is a good look for Jake Paul. Check it out and see for yourself.