Joan Jett Fresh Start

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Drop First New Single, ‘Fresh Start’ In Over Five Years

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Joan Jett & The Blackhearts dropped a new single, “Fresh Start” from the soundtrack of Bad Reputation, the upcoming documentary about Jett’s wild career, that will be released in theaters and on demand September 28th. The soundtrack album will drop the same day. 

The single is the band’s first new one in over five years and delivers on everything that a Joan Jett fan could ever want in a song, making it worth the wait without disappointment. Jett brings her signature three-chord barre chords,  hand-clapping backbeats and fist-pumping sing-a-long choruses that chant, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! ” that will make it a crowd favorite amongst her catalog of anthems.

Fresh Start is a positive, life-affirming power pop punk mantra for anyone who’s ever needed to hit the reset button on their life.  There’s absolutely no judgment here with Jett, She’s here to cheer us on and to let us know she’s felt stuck too.

Sometimes I feel like I’m standing still/or better yet running up a hill/I need a fresh start to bring it back to the top/Rewind the tape and reset the clock/This time we’re not gonna stop!”

Better than a fresh start is seeing Jett HEALTHY and actively touring after nearly five decades of doing it non-stop. What we are really getting with “Fresh Start” is that little 15-year-old girl on stage Jett started out as, playing her heart out, still looking great, and loving what she does. It’s not exactly a fresh start. It’s a way of life for Jett and we don’t hate ourselves for loving her at all.

Check out Fresh Start below.


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