Lecrae & 1K Phew Release New Video, “One Call” From Collaborative New Album

Rate the music. Hot or not?

The official video for One Call by Lecrae & 1K Phew is out now. If you’ve been sleeping on 1k Phew, it’s time to wake up! This is the hip hop we’re here for. 1K Phew is an upcoming Atlanta-born and raised hip-hop artist who is being mentored by Lecrae. They collaborated on their new album, No Church For A While, which also just dropped. “One Call is the first single and video from the project and tells the story of how God is that one call that everyone needs to be able to make to that one reliable caller you can count on to be there for you when you’re in need trouble or as is the case of this video, inside of a jail cell.

The concept for their collaborative album, No Church For A While grew out of conversations between Lecrae and 1K Phew. Lecrae was recording his mixtape, Church Clothes 4, when it occurred to him that people actually hadn’t been to church to even put on those church clothes because of the pandemic, church hurt, and other reasons. Out of his convos with 1K Phew who he is mentoring came to the idea to actually record an album for people who like themselves hadn’t been to church in a while. “No Church In A While has all types of meanings,” explains 1K Phew. “We just went through the pandemic and ain’t nobody to church in a minute. This album is for everybody who ain’t been to church or connected to God in a while who thinks they can’t go back. It ain’t really that deep. God is waiting for everybody to tap back in. No Church In A While is telling people there’s still hope, you can still turn to God no matter how long you’ve been away.”

Listen to “One Call” below and let us know what you think. Hot or not?