Metafreeverse-[Chris Webby]

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“Metafreeverse” by Chris Webby is his latest single and it stays true to his style of bringing attention to cultural references with wit, intelligence, and humor. In Metafreeverse, Webby tackles Facebook’s Metaverse and the growing trend in millennial and youth culture to disconnect from real life and into a virtual world where everyone has their own safe space and can be who they want to be, no matter how disconnected or far-fetched it is from their IRL realities.

Webby is a craftsman when it comes to lyrics and is able to inject political commentary skillfully and with humor, without losing the listener. Webby is able to experiment with different sounds, paying some homage to other artists such as Eminem, Kendrick, Gorillaz, and Lil Dicky. Listen if you like artists like Eminem, Lil Dicky, or Hi-Rez.

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