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Hippie Stoner-Rock Rapper, Mod Sun Releases New Single, ‘Burning Up’ About The Lack Of Good Music To Get High To

Rate the music. Hot or not?

ModSun dropped a bubbly new single, “Burning Up” and the hippie stoner-rock rapper is upset about the lack of good music to high to. He’s not upset as in ‘angry and insulting’ upset, but more like a ‘happy-hippie’ “let’s rally and figure this out” kind of upset. Meaning, there’s no disses to be found on this track. That’s not really Mod’s style, anyways. He’s more of a rainbows and velvet than 45’s and ho’s kinda dude.

His upbeat new single, “Burning Up” feels more like a rally-cry for that extra set of lunges at the gym, more than it does as the dark confessional about Mod’s compulsion to do drugs-to the point of torching himself and “walking through the fire” to do so.

The new track is fresh and is a good fit for a workout playlist, but we’re not sure if it’s fitting for a soundtrack for getting high to. It’s a bubbly pop song that makes you feel like twirling in circles at dizzying speeds, coloring a kid’s cartoon book- or working out and doing lunges, but not drugs.

Either way, doing lots of drugs isn’t cool. Hopefully, the song has an entirely different meaning for Mod, and that he steps back to chill and learn from his friend, Mac Miller. We don’t want to lose him too.

Does this track make you feel like getting high or working out?

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