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New Music: Brittany Howard, “Stay High”

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Alabama Shakes frontwoman, Brittany Howard has released a soulful new cut titled “Stay High” from her upcoming debut solo effort Jaime.

Brittany has been putting out solo music since 2013, but her most recent single is a must-hear for anyone who appreciates the intersection of soul, folk and blues.

The single is warm and stripped-back; smooth acoustic strumming, gentle, simple percussion with Howard’s beautiful bluesy and gospel soaked vocals at the forefront.

It’s not the standard powerhouse record that Brittany has become known for putting out; there’s no big chorus or wailing instrumentals. “Stay High” is smooth, uplifting, and light.

This song has a “chill with the lights down low” or “reflect-on-your-life-while-driving-down-an-empty-country road” type of vibe.

Watch the new video from Brittany Howard

The music video features comedian and TV actor, Terry Crews and is worth watching as this marks the first time Howard has ever appeared in a music video.

Shot in Howard’s hometown of Athens, Alabama, it seems the musician intended for the video to come as a nod of respect to the blue-collar 9-5 town that she grew up in. “The actors are my family and friends,” Howard said in a statement. “Terry Crews plays a man who isn’t out to change the world; he plays a man who wants to come home to those who understand and love him best. We see his inner beauty, grace, and humanity in a place that is so often misunderstood.”

Check out the video for “Stay High” from Brittany Howard below.

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