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New Music: Charles Bradley, “Lucifer”

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New music from Charles Bradley has emerged again with “Lucifer”, his latest posthumous single. Bradley has been releasing some of the best music of his career posthumously beginning with last month’s single, “Lonely As You Are” a heartbreakingly haunting gospel-soaked lament featuring The Avett Brothers.

Welp, the Daptone Records team, has blessed the world with another posthumous gem from the revered soul singer with “Lucifer.”  Co-writer and producer Andrew Levy shared his thoughts on the song. “Charles knew what he wanted to say, and he said it quickly. He wore his heart on his sleeve. A true singer.”

“Lucifer” was recorded while the Daptone Records legend, who passed away from cancer in 2017, was undergoing chemotherapy in the fall of 2016.

The funk-inspired track, built on a blues breakbeat groove, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics flowing from one powerful statement to the next with “I know Lucifer was in heaven” and “Obama, you’ve done what you had to do,” Bradley sings in the middle of the song. “Change the world.”

The single was done in the same session that produced “Lonely As You Are,” which provided some of the final recordings of Charles Bradley.

These past two singles are some of his most emotional releases since Changes, the Black Sabbath song he covered in tribute to the loss of his mother who he had a complicated relationship with throughout his life. “Charles Bradley Changes” is one of the most googled keyword terms used when people are hunting his music, which says a lot about the song’s ability to envoke your emotions. Side note: if you haven’t watched the Charles Bradley Changes video, do so. If you don’t feel your heart melting, like literally in your chest, check your pulse. You might be dead.

Lucifer is simple yet profound. Empowering and haunting. A celebration and lamentation.

But that’s the thing about music that makes it so unique. Even when you’re listening to a song that makes you miss someone, it still feels good. Like Bob Marley once sang, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Listen to “Lucifer” from Charles Bradley below.

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