October 3, 20215 Minutes

New Music: Skip Marley’s New Song Ft.Popcaan Is A Whole “Vibe”

It's a vibe...

What happens when reggae royalty collaborates with one of the hottest upcoming artists in dancehall? A “vibe” happens, of course, which is the namesake of the latest single to emerge from Skip Marley ft. Popcaan.

Skip Marley has shared his latest single “Vibe” alongside fellow Jamaican artist Popcaan via Tuff Gong/Island Records. With smooth and bouncy production, the dance floor-ready track serves as Marley’s first new release since his 2020 album Higher Place.

Produced by Rykeyz who was also at the helm for Marley’s “Slow Down,” “Vibe is a feeling, a whole spirit, and energy,” Marley said of the track in a press release. “A movement that brings light and life. It’s about being alive!”

“Face it she don’t do nothing basic, she wants to touch all the bases. Build up relations, rev up the car ‘n race it, catch vibrations.”

— Skip Marley, "Vibe"

Behind the lyrics...

“Vibe” chronicles how a carefree girl wants to forget everything around her and just feel the music and the connectedness it makes her feel while listening to it, so she tunes everything out and just vibes to the music.

With smooth R&B production licks, and bouncy Dancehall production, it’s produced by Rykeyz, who also produced Marley’s “Slow Down,” and is available via Tuff Gong/Island Records. The lyrics weave together a song about freedom of expression and using music as a tool to free the mind of outside distractions, to lose oneself in the music and to live in the moment as much as possible.

In the first verse, Skip chants, “Face it she don’t do nothing basic, she wants to touch all the bases. Build up relations, rev up the car ‘n race it, catch vibrations.” Popcaan fans will be pleased to hear him spitting his signature rhythmic adlibs in the second verse as he asks his girl to ‘just let go’ and trust him to ignite her fire, whether on the North coast or up by Kintyre. Popcaan rhymed through most of his part and makes the song not only easy to move to but a definite dance hall anthem.

"She wan' release her mental, touch all her nerve that's centralSwitch pon di beat and tempo, inside ah her bare infoNuh Zelle nor Venmo"

— Skip Marley, "Vibe"

Watch the Official Video

Check out the official video for “Vibe” from Skip Marley ft. Popcaan below

“Vibe is a feeling, a whole spirit, and energy; a movement that brings light and life. It's about being alive!

— Skip Marley on discussing the lyrics behind "Vibe"

It was bound to happen...

When you mix the youngest member of reggae royalty with one of Jamaica’s hottest dancehall artists, you can expect a whole “Vibe” to happen-which is exactly what happened with this Skip Marley ft. Popcaan collaboration.

Popcaan brings his own legion of loyalists and weight to any collaboration he’s involved with. What Skip brings to the project extends beyond his talent and has come full-circle in his waking life. You see, the Marley name is truly a unique bloodline in the the music industry, as no other musical legend has had their children and their children’s children achieve consistent and record-breaking successes, like Bob Marley’s offspring and direct decedents have. Every member of this family who has pursued music, has done so to great affect and has achieved notable mainstream success- some of them breaking numbers that even Bob did. This includes, Skip Marley (Stephen Marley’s son and Bob Marley’s grandson) who is the youngest Marley yet, to step into the  spotlight.

Skip Marley made his debut at age 18, some six years ago with “Cry to Me.” His previous hit “Slow Down” generated 44 million global streams by mid-2020, making it the quickest and largest streaming song in Marley family history, pushing Skip to well over 200 million global artiste streams. Another Marley has just been passed the torch and he’s passing it with flying colors.

Listen to “Vibe” on Spotify below.


— Skip Marley ft. Popcaan

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