Listen To “One Love One World (We Are One Remix) ” by Craymo

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Craymo, an award-winning indie singer/songwriter with songs in several TV shows and indie films, has dropped a new reggaeton remix of his song, “One Love One World (We Are One Remix)  is one of his most important releases to date.

Craymo has long established himself in the local and regional scenes as an LGBT advocate and pop artist. His latest single is a crystal clear message about unity and peace with reggaeton and poppy vibes so if you’re into reggae with a positive, and uplifting message, this song will satisfy your thirst.

Craymo has been racking up accolades lately with this song and the song has already won The Indie Music Channel Awards for Best Pop Video, proving that music is a powerful weapon. 

 Check out Craymo’s new reggaeton remix, “One Love One World (We Are One Remix)” and give it a thumbs up if you think it slaps.