Paddy “The Baddy” Submits And Then Teabags Jordan Leavitt

Check out this funny animated from MMA Animator, Mojahed Fudailat, which re-caps the wildly entertaining fight that Paddy Pimblett Vs Jordan Leavitt produced. Prior to the fight, both fighters were threatening to humiliate each other with a post-win display of dominancy in the Octagon. Leavitt started iy b by telling the MMA media that he was planning to twerk over Paddie after submitting him. Paddie did not take to kindly to Leavitt’s threat and issued one of his own by responsing that he was going to “take his head off” and then “squat as close to his head without the ref shouting at me” and bounce his testicles up and down over Leavitt’s face. Paddy has been talking a big game since he entered the UFC last year and so far, he has delivered on that talk in an over-the-top manner by putting on wildly aggressive fights that have ended in his favor by knockout and submission. Check out this hilarious animation of Paddie The Baddie making good on his promise to not only finish his opponent but to teabag him while he is still laid out on the canvas in the Octagon. 

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