Popular Paranormal Investigator Makes Contact With XXXTentacion In Afterlife

Popular YouTube Paranormal Investigator, Steve Huff, has posted videos of himself making contact with XXXTentacion in the afterlife on three different occasions. The videos have nearly ten million views since posting them shortly after the rapper’s premature death a few months ago.

Huff uses his own line of ”Spirit Box” devices along with audio apps for recording evps that he claims are able to capture audio of the dead speaking. He believes he has a calling to communicate with the dead and that along with his technology; it is what allows spirits to connect with him so readily. He claims that the dead can manipulate his audio devices in order to speak audibly into to our living world.

Steve Huff comes across as a sincere person who believes his work is helping both the living and the dead. He’s been in the paranormal field for over 8 years, produced over 700 YouTube videos, and developed his own line of Spirit Boxes. He seems credible and unlikely to have intentions to mislead anyone. Could his work still cause others to be misled?

Is communicating with the dead dangerous?

The Judeo-Christian belief strongly condemns the practice and warns that it can lead to the destruction of the soul. It is seen as a conscious act that grants evil spirits-even if they do not identify themselves as such- permission to attack, oppress and even possess you. 

The Bible condemns the practice of communicating with the dead in any form-including using mediums to contact loved ones. Divination is linked to psychic abilities and is the art of retrieving hidden information with paranormal powers. The Bible describes physic powers as having a familiar spirit guide, being a medium, or a fortune-teller, among other terms. It is strongly condemned throughout the Bible. (See Deuteronomy 18:10-12Leviticus 19:3120:6I Chronicles 10:13-14Is. 2:6Daniel 2:27-28a)

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil

One recording Huff captures is unexplainable. When questioned by Huff about how the afterlife is, a voice responds with “awesome”. The voice sounds just like XXXTentacion did in real life. It’s riveting and creepy all at once.

Was this a malevolent spirit mimicking the voice of XXXTentacion for nefarious reasons? Was it really XXXTentacion communicating from a heavenly afterlife? 

Watch Huff Paranormal’s first documented encounter with XXXTentacion below. Let us know what your thoughts are on communicating with the dead. Are you for it? Are you against it or just curious?

Watch the follow-up encounter where XXXTentacion says he’s found the light. Who is this light? It is God or the devil masquerading as light. Watch below.

Watch Below: Is this a legitimate message from XXXTentaction in the afterlife to his mother? Let us know what your thoughts are on communicating with the dead. Are you for or against it-undecided or just curious?

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