Unsigned Triple Crown Tour

The Unsigned Triple Crown Tour is the ultimate competition for independent artists, crowning three winners with paid tours across five cities, all expenses covered. Winners also receive professional booking, PR, and promotional services for maximum exposure.


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Lead Generation

With zero ad budget, we leveraged our email database of musicians and artists and targeted 150,000+ artists via email. The music competition attracted over 300 paid submissions, resulting in thousands of new leads and hundreds of thousands of views and clicks. Each mailer tripled our web traffic and boosted social media engagement. SEO authority was boosted with dozens of premium backlinks earned from strategic free press release resources.

There was no ad budget for this project. Instead, we targeted over 100,000 artists using our email database, reaching cold and warm leads. In typical cold email marketing, the conversion rates on the first outreach are rarely greater than 5%. However, our results were atypical and exceeded expectations significantly.

Our cold email skills resulted in a 20% conversion rate on the initial email, with a 50-60% open rate. These results were achieved without an ad spend budget, showcasing our innovative and resourceful approach.