Rinse & Repeat-[Neel Dani]

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Rising independent artist, Neel Dani might be from Toronto but his latest single, “Rinse & Repeat” is putting out some serious early Prince Minneapolis vibes while lyrically taking a “jab” at the Covid socio and political landscape. This is a seriously upbeat and fun song that blends funk, electro, pop, rock, and R&B into a summer sing-along jam about a divisive topic that showcases why Dani is so good at crafting a song. Despite your stance on Covid on whether to inject or to wear the mask or not, musically this song will take you on such a fun bop that it puts you in too good of a mood to fight with someone over their Covid opinions. He’s somehow managed to make the two worlds blend. Neel Dani is an independent artist who writes, composes, and plays all of the instruments on his songs, not unlike his predecessor and a clear influence on his music, Prince.

Listen to Neel Dani if you like; Prince, DNCE, Bryce Fox.

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