Shut Em’ Out-[Tyrone Briggs feat A.R. Yum]

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Tyrone Brigg’s music has been a favorite amongst the NewRockStars staff. He’s an on the rise, independent rapper from New Jersey who has made a name for himself by making hip-hop and rock-infused thematic anthems around victory, fighting the good fight, overcoming struggle, and winning. His music has been licensed by some of the biggest brands and sports teams in the world, including CBS Sports, MTV, and the UFC. We weren’t surprised when UFC newcomer, Jeremiah Wells made his UFC debut and walked out to “Victorious” by Briggs at UFC 271 and destroyed his opponent who was favored to win.

Tyrone Briggs is back with a new single that stays true to the hip-hop, electro, and rock-infused motivational anthems that he’s become known for. Check out “Shut Em Out” below.  Listen to Tyrone Briggs if you like artists like The Score, Oh The Larceny, or Bryce Fox.