Slightly Stoopid Drops New Song With B-Real & G.Love

Rate the music. Hot or not?

In case you missed this in between celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year, this is a must-hear track for a plethora of different music lovers, beginning with any Slightly Stoopid, G.Love, or Cypress Hill fan. And beyond that, anyone who’s got a taste for hybrid reggae punk or even funk jam bands.

All three of these artists are legendary pioneers in their respective genres. Slightly Stoopid has organically been filling the gap with their own unique mash-up of dub style reggae, punk, rock, and acoustic vibes since Bradley Nowell of Sublime’s untimely passing almost three decades ago.

Together with G.Love’s hip-hop blues and laid-back crooner chops mixed with B-Real’s very recognizable high-pitched, nasal rap style, this track brings a fluid blend of feel-good reggae laced with laid-back hip hop blues and hype nasal rap. In other words, it brings you up at exactly the right moments and steadily pushes your mind forward with action-taking thoughts and toe-tapping beats.

If you missed this track, consider it one of those must listens. Let us know what you think and share it with another music lover!