Snoop Dogg Now Owns The Largest Marijuana Grow Operation In The World

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When it comes to weed, Snoop Dog has backed up his love for it with his money. Snoop Dogg is now a partner of Canopy Growth, the largest grow operation in the world. Now, this mega-Canadian corporation will have exclusive rights to Snoop Dog’s other cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop. Here’s a closer look at the deal that’s made him the world’s biggest potstar…

Snoop Dog Is One Of The Most Recognized Smoking Ambassadors Of All Time

Apart from Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dog, born Calvin Brosdaus Jr., is one of the most recognized smoking reps of all time. So much so that only Willie Nelson could out-smoke him. Snoop’s even released a smokable songbook. He’s been all about that Cali weed forever. Not only does Snoop have a well-known strain of weed named after him, he has his own line too. In 2015 Snoop founded Leafs by Snoop in Colorado. You can find Leafs by Snoop in Colorado and soon to be, all across Canada.

As if his rap career wasn’t successful and demanding enough, Snoop Dog has also spearheaded a number of high-profile marijuana investments through his venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital. Let that sink in: Snoop Dog is a now a Venture Capitalist. Who deals in weed. Through it, Snoop helps businesses tied to the cannabis industry-labs, financial services, tech-raise funds. In March, High Times reported that Casa Verde has raised over $40 million.

Snoop Has Had His Eye On One Of The Biggest Legal Weed Market For Years

Snoop has had his eye on one of the biggest legal weed markets in the world for years: Canada. A few years ago, Casa Verde partnered with Tweed Inc., an Ontario-based medical marijuana producer. Since then, Canopy Growth, a company that supplies 1/3 of Canada’s medical marijuana needs according to Business Insider, has bought Tweed…

With Legalization On The Horizon, Growth Is Expanding

Legalization is expanding across the U.S. rapidly and Canopy Growth is expanding. This behemoth cannabis conglomerate penned a deal with fellow cannabis producer, SunSelect Produce. Together, they’re forming B.C. Tweed, a British Columbia-based operation. All of this means that Snoop Dogg will have a share in the largest grow operation in the world. Not only that, but he will foreseeably have a say in Canopy Growth’s business plan. Ted Chung, Snoop’s manager, is the company’s strategic advisor for content strategy as of 2017.

Canada’s Biggest Marijuana Producer Will Acquire A Weed Conosouir

Canada’s biggest medical marijuana producer will also own Leafs by Snoop. Not only does this mean they’ll have Snoop’s reputation as a weed connoisseur, but they’ll be producing Leafs by Snoops signature strains. Leafs by Snoop’s product line includes flower, wax, gummies, chocolate bars and a variety of other candies (all in some very elegant packaging, we might add)… We didn’t think it was possible but Snood Dogg just became an even bigger cannabis icon. He came on the scene with The Chronic and, decades later, he’s still ahead of the curve when it comes to cannabis. Let’s reflect for a second: The D O double G has invented a widely-used term for weed, converted to Rastafarianism, out-smoked all but one person, and beat a murder case in the 90’s. Now, he’s working on growing medical-grade marijuana for a whole country. God love ya, Snoop.