Song Of The Day: “Fckn In Love”-Fefe Dobson

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Toronto’s queen of edgy pop-rock, Fefe Dobson has released a new energetic song. “FCKN IN LOVE” is her first official single in four years, from her upcoming first album in over 12 years. The Canadian pop-rock singer has returned to her sonic roots with today’s release of this comeback single, which fuses an electronic production with rock-tinged sounds for an alluring soundscape about professing affection after a steamy love-making encounter with her partner.

The synths are bright and the hooks are catchy in this love song and will make you want to sing them out loud like a sap, without shame. Aesthetically, Fefe looks tough and beautiful and rocks a long jet black shag haircut like one of her musical heroes, Joan Jett. Vocally, Dobson has never sounded more passionate than on “FCKN IN LOVE”.

Dobson has released only one-off singles on her own or as part of soundtracks since her critically acclaimed 2010 album Joy. In the past, she experimented with indie rock and even paired up with her rapper husband Yelawolf on “Animal” but what we get with this track is a return to her more mainstream pop-rock roots.

She wrote “FCKN IN LOVE” in 2012, but she didn’t feel it was ready to be released. Instead, she put it in her catalog of unreleased music until now. Fefe explained the inspiration behind the lyrics, saying that love is a big topic for her. The new single “FCKN IN LOVE” is about the feeling of love you have for someone where it takes over your body and mind. “That person for me is my husband [rapper Yelawolf] who I wrote the song for back in 2012 when we were just dating,” says Dobson. “Fast forward to today, I think the song still kicks ass and feels like the perfect way to reintroduce myself as the world begins to open back up and the seasons are changing.” 

Listen to “FCKN IN LOVE” and let us know if you’re feeling it as much as we are!