Song Of The Day: “Holy Steppin” by Emanuel Da Prophet

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What would you do if your whole life was turned upside down? That’s the question that “Holy Steppin'” embodies, the new song from upcoming Hip-Hop artist, Emanuel Da Prophet (EDP).. The song’s protagonist finds himself on an adventure through scripture and paints a colorful picture of what it means to be “saved”. His story begins with him being one who has done wrong–a gangster rap artist whose songs are filled will gunshots while he raps about having more kills than Jesus did miracles–but eventually converts into becoming another kind of enforcer, the kind whose steps are ordained by God.

Emanuel Da Prophet (EDP) is an upcoming indie hip-hop artist from the midwest’s Ohio. The Midwest may be home to cornfields and wholesomeness, but there’s also an edge that shows up in Holy Steppin’. This contrast between raw drill-sounding beats with vulnerable lyrics about being changed into someone who is fierce for God makes this track pump with energy. 

“The Lord gave me good direction, had to listen to Him/Literally put down my weapons, had to give in to Him/Literally had to change my whole life to askin’ how I do it/And now I’m big holy-steppin’ like there ain’t nothin’ to it”

The lyrics keep you engaged like watching an episode of your favorite Netflix show-you want to know what comes next. Unlike many rappers, EDP is extremely articulate on the mic. You can actually understand every word he says. His cadence is forward-marching, powerful, and at other times, bouncy, fast-paced, and fun.  

Although EDP speaks of a hardened past, his playfulness shows up in the video as he raps  “…And now I’m big holy-steppin’ like there ain’t nothin’ to it”  all while praise-dancing in a circle on one foot to the beat, with his arms waving in the air, in sync with the music.  Not to mention the quick shots of the adorable bulldog puppy that is held like a newborn baby by one of EDP’s boys throughout the video. Unless you have a piece of black coal instead of an actual human heart, a big adoring smile will come over your face when you spot the duo for the first time.

Good music should move people, motivate and inspire them to take action for the greater good. It should lift people above their limited beliefs and broken hearts. It should be the light in a dark tunnel, a wise tale to tell, and a weary warrior’s inspiration. Emanuel Da Prophet encompasses all of those qualities and more.

I’ve heard popular YouTube hip-hop artists like Dax, who don’t label themselves as Christian but who talk about God, faith, and the devil in their music get labeled as “corny” for doing so.  Just because Emanuel Da Prophet raps about his spiritual journey with God, I assure you that there is absolutely nothing corny about this man’s music. His music is compelling, entertaining, and fierce. It doesn’t preach at you as much as it tells the story of a ” loser” transformed into a hero, and who doesn’t like a good hero story?

His music will appeal to both the mainstream and the faithful. He feels strongly about not watering down his lyrics just to appeal to a wider audience, even at the risk of being labeled corny and not getting played on the radio. We respect that kind of conviction. No guns, no drugs, no cursing, God-fearing…and still a banger. This is what makes Holy Steppin’ the song of the day and Emanuel Da Prophet one of the most exciting, upcoming artists in Hip-Hop to watch in 2022.

Check out the video for “Holy Steppin” and give it a thumbs up if you think it slaps.