Song Of The Day:
“Show Out!” by Tyrone Briggs

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Motivational hip-hop artist and Staten Island’s favorite son, Tyrone Briggs has dropped his first new single of 2022, “Show Out!” and it’s made its way into our Song of the Day rotation. Listen to this song if you like upbeat, high-energy electro hip-hop with lyrics that inspire you to level up. Tyrone Briggs has earned himself a reputation for blending classic hip-hop vibes with electro hip-hop and inspirational lyrics. You won’t hear him rapping about gold chains, cars, and hoes. Instead, he makes the kind of music that champions level up to. It’s a scientific fact that words have power and influence over our subconscious minds so why not take action to level up with music that elevates your mindset? When you’re ready, Tyrone Briggs is your guy.

Listen for yourself