Song Of The Day:
“Victorious” by Tyrone Briggs

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Good music can get your heart racing and inspire you to push through those moments when you feel like giving up.  Your choice of music should inspire both your mind and your body and since we already know that music with at least 120 bpm (beats per minute) is more likely to get your body moving and release those all-powerful endorphins, your music choices are imperative to set the tone for your day.

In honor of UFC 271 and the jaw-dropping knockouts and submissions that we witnessed on this card, we’ve chosen to resurrect a previously released banger. “Victorious” from unsigned and rising hip-hop artist, Tyrone Briggs

Tyrone’s music has been licensed by some of the biggest brands and sports teams in the world, including CBS Sports, MTV, and the UFC. He makes thematic anthems about overcoming struggles, facing your fears, and leveling up. We’re not surprised that the UFC’s biggest up-and-comers are now using Tryone’s songs as their walkout music, which is what we saw at UFC 271 when Jeremiah Wells walked out to “Victorious” in a highly anticipated bout against New Zealand’s City Kickboxing’s, rising prospect, Blood Diamond.  

For those of you who missed the fight, Wells scored a dominant submission over Blood Diamond, who was favored to win. Blood Diamond is a new prospect fighting out to the same gym that current five-time Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya does.

Does music influence an athlete’s performance? Well, if the song of the day’s title has anything to do with it, we will have to say, “yes–it most definitely does”. 

Check out Jeremiah’s submission victory over Blood Diamond below and listen to his walkout song, “Victorious” by Tyrone Briggs. Let us know what you think of it by smashing the thumbs-up icon.