Animated Re-Cap of UFC 271: The Moment Derrick Lewis Joined The Ghost Club

If you watched UFC 271, then you already know that Houston fans were hugely disappointed when they witnessed their hometown hero, Derrick Lewis get sent to the ghost club by Tai “BamBam” Tuivasa. We already knew that one of these big boys was going down. Lewis and BamBam are two of the most exciting heavyweights to watch because of their “swang and bang” style as Lewis describes it. These two bad boys went right away with Lewis hurting and knocking Tuivasa to his knees early in the first round. This back and forth explosiveness raged until it left only one man standing. Congratulations to “BamBam” on yet another fight of the night win and big ups to Lewis for coming to” swang and bang,” just like he promised.

Check out this funny animated re-cap of their fight from MMA Animator, Mojahed Fudailat, where Tai sends Derrick to the infamous MMA “Ghost Club”-a who’s who of who’s been on the receiving end of some of the scariest and widest knockouts. What do you think of Mojahed’s animations? Respectful but hysterical, right?. Watch the 2 min video to see the moment Lewis got initiated into the Ghost Club and how the other Ghost Club members reacted

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