The Allergies Ft. Lyrics Born: Going To The Party (Extended Mix)

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Bay Area rapper, Lyrics Born has dropped a remix with The Allergies that cooks up chunky bits of hip-hop, funk soul pop stew.

If Lyrics Born’s music were a recipe, it’d be fair to assume the final product might taste like a tasty stew of mixed ingredients that are famous for blending together well. The ingredients: Pointer Sisters synths, Living Colour guitars, Bootsy Collins bass, dancehall horns and thoughtful raps in a Tone-Loc growl with a C.L. Smooth cadence.

Sure, this track might sound like it could’ve been on a 1990s House Party soundtrack, but the flashback turn out to be refreshing with the kind of nostalgia that brings the comfort of an old familiar warm blanket…only the music is too upbeat to keep you on the couch wrapped up in a warm blanket for more than a few seconds. This is the type of warm up song that gets you ready for the dance, workout or drive to or from the gym. This record brings the funk, hip hop and nostalgic good vibes all at once, and for that it absolutely deserves a taste.