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These Fighters Had The Best Walkout Songs At UFC 281

The bonuses for UFC 281 for FOTN (Fight of the Night) and POTN (Performance of the Night) have all been awarded accordingly and two new champions were crowned. However there are some of us who passionately believe that the choice of walkout music a fighter uses to make their entrance to the cage deserves its own win category,

Given that a good walkout song has the power to hype up the crowd, inspire good fighter performances, and even influence the event’s beverage sales, a bonus category for a proper walkout makes sense.

A good walkout song deserves to be rewarded-or at the very least, acknowledged. With that being said, here are our staff’s picks for the fighters who had the best walkout songs for UFC 281

1. Michael Chandler "The Search" by NF

Win or lose, Michael Chandler always brings the fight and has quickly become a UFC fan favorite for his explosive starts and forward-pressure pace. Chandler has been on a two-fight losing streak since joining the UFC but that doesn’t matter. His fights are so intense, and explosive back-and-forth action that the loss is hardly seen as anything put pure heart. Michael Chandler has found his place among the top 5 in the UFC Men’s Lightweight divisions but he is still searching for that title run and champ status that he’s searching for. Walking out to The Search by NF seems fitting on many levels.

2 Dustin Poirier, "The Boss" by James Brown

It’s almost guaranteed that if Dustin Poirier fights, there will be blood, knockouts, or a submission. Dustin is NOT a point fighter who goes to decision. He’s a kill-or-be-killed guy and that’s why whenever James Brown’s “The Boss” begins to blare at a UFC event, you know there’s about to be blood, chaos, and excitment and all because Dustin has indeed,  paid the cost to be the Boss.

3. Michael Trizano: “Wild Side” by Motley Crue

This was a wild song choice for Michael Trizano to walk out to and proved to be the right choice for his wicked domination over his opponent that ended in a first-round knockout. Welcome to the wild side of MMA served up with a classic 80’s Crue banger to go along with it.

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