This New NFT Cheat Code Could Make You Rich

If you’re experienced or even a beginner in the NFT world, here is an ethical NFT cheat code that can help you to identify and mint the rarest and most valuable NFTS in any collection before the public even has a chance to see them. 

OpenSea, the most popular NFT Ethereum market place is infamous for being slow to reveal all of the available items in an NFT collection. When reveals are happening, Opensea has known to load really slow, oftentimes displaying a black box instead of the actual NFT.

As a result, chances are that you won’t be able to buy quicker than others do, in order to snipe a rare NFT. Sniping a rare NFT is when you pay the floor price or below for a valuable NFT that can be resold on the secondary open market for a substantial profit. By using a site called NFTNerds, this hack solves that problem. It allows you to see the entire collection in real-time, on OpenSeas, giving you a distinct edge over the buying pool competition.

Our favorite on the rise Millenial NFT influencer, Max A Milli, breaks down how you can implement this strategy in this step-by-step video tutorial. Watch it below.